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Pig kidney in human

Transplant Patient
March 22, 2024 in Kidney

Exciting times for science and even more so for patients…

we have talked a lot about xeno lately and just today it was announced that a kidney from a genetically modified pig was transplanted into a very sick but living human recipient in Boston.

This man had been on dialysis for years and was running out of options / like many of the hundreds of thousands on dialysis in the U.S. he was waiting for a kidney but unlikely to get one in time.

I truly hope we can get pig kidney available to many more within the next few years, but for that to be possible, we need to work closely together with industry and regulatory authorities.

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  • KevRTransplant Patient

    Absolutely stunning. Advancements in medicine have been a beautiful “thing”. It is something that all of us can support. It takes money and time and very hard work by many individuals for progress. Let’s never forget this.

    March 22, 2024
  • AliEm14Expert
    Transplant Patient

    I still have so many questions about this, and not sure how I feel about xeno transplants as a whole. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from this patient

    March 22, 2024
  • TupastOther

    I think this is the best news I’ve heard since I started down this road of CKD, three years ago. I understand it takes a specially raised swine, to produce human organs, such as liver, heart and kidney. I know I have commented on this a year or so ago, and said “sign me up I am ready”. I still hold true to that. I never thought it would come this far in my live time, but am willing to do what I can to move it along. I understand that there are organizations that are protesting this operation, so the facility is kept in a secret location, and I do believe that will slow advancements, in this field. Let’s hope it comes soon.

    March 22, 2024
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