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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Ldybug97Transplant Patient
May 2, 2024 in General

What are some ways nurture your Mental Health?

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  • TServoldTransplant Patient

    Ignoring the problems. ha ha ha. I am kidding, but also kind of not. I am not good "alone with my own thoughts". I do things that I find rewarding like engage on TL, volunteer, and attend my kiddo's sporting events. I find that just spending time outside doing yard work, working in my garden, maintaining my flowers, or even just listening to the birds and reading a book is fulfilling when I am overloaded, or in a funk. I know many people find healing space in exercise, stretching, yoga, etc. To me, that is maintaining my health but sometimes its just a task to be done.

    May 7, 2024
  • Ldybug97Transplant Patient

    I started Therapy about 6 years ago which has been my safe haven. I have an amazing directors and I was able to deal with the challenges a little bit easier because of it. I love to craft with my cricut machine. When I can make things for other people, it makes me feel so much better. In the past year Transplantlyte and Volunteering has given me so much joy. I do have days that I struggle emotionally but I have started mood journalling, completing Oprah’s Creating The Life You Want journal, reading Chicken Soup For The Soul Books

    May 7, 2024
  • AliEm14Expert
    Transplant Patient

    I had a discussion with my therapist recently on this very thing. I was saying my mind doesn't turn off if I just sit and try to do things that are relaxing, or "good for my mental health" and she was explaining that in a lot of situations, because we learn to function at such a high level of stress in the medical system, actually doing the things that are supposed to be "good" just feels wrong, or stress inducing. She was sharing about someone who could only get into that zone some people find in yoga through climbing mountains, because it literally required his focus and energy to not be on being still. I think of that often, as I'm not a still person.

    Personally I might be considered a "healing junkie" and if it exists I've probably tried it. I've done a lot of work and training and education around nervous system healing, and it's pretty much my favourite topic to talk on ever, but when I'm looking for those practices I'm going to things like cold plunges, somatic movement, singing and dancing... I have a lot of little secrets and tricks you've probably seen me do if you've ever been in a meeting with me but had no idea I was doing nervous system work. And then I love being outside, being near water or writing.

    May 7, 2024
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