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Migraine Tips

Transplant Patient
June 6, 2024 in General

Anybody deal with migraines? What are your tips and tricks?

I find especially as seasons change, my migraines tend to flare up and I'm looking for anything else I can add to my toolbox. Aside from the typical rest in quiet darkness and drink water, I've found its helpful to drink anything that's really high in electrolytes (I love coconut water) and the cold water submersion also helps.

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  • DebTransplant Patient

    It’s funny you brought this up, I have suffered so much with migraines this spring. I had a bad one yesterday. I just have to sleep or rest in a dark room until they go away. My PCP calls them barometric pressure headaches. When they are so bad I get sick that’s the worst . I’m following to see if anyone offers advice.

    June 6, 2024
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