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the wrong kidney

AliEm14Transplant Patient
July 13, 2021 in Kidney

Has anybody else seen the article that came out today about the Ohio hospital that gave a patient the wrong kidney? I was googling something else transplant related and it popped up on multiple news sites. The kidney ended up being compatible with the patient who got it, and the original intended patient is back on the wait list.

First of all, that this could happen at a hospital at all is concerning. But I can't imagine being either of the patients, knowing "your" life saving organ went to someone else, or being the patient who did get it, and on one hand being happy you're alive while also knowing not only did someone die for you to be alive but the kidney you now have wasn't supposed to be yours!

I can only imagine how bad it could have been if the kidney hadn't been compatible with the recipient it did end up in.

Any thoughts on this?

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  • ChefAmandaTransplant Patient

    Oh you should have done a deep dive of transplant “mistakes”. There are many stories of hospitals mishaps when it comes to transplant. It’s so sad and frustrating for those on the list.

    July 16, 2021
  • AliEm14Transplant Patient

    @ChefAmanda omg! I just saw this one because it popped up and that scarred me enough. It’s horrible and so infuriating.

    July 16, 2021
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