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Jtannen1987Transplant Patient
July 16, 2021 in Kidney

So here is my situation I am currently doing peritoneal dialysis every night for 10 and a half hours and I have been on dialysis for 9 and a half years. During that time I have tried everything possible to find a donor and it’s so frustrating despite my hard work it’s not been successful. I feel discouraged because I can’t seem to find a donor . I have tried craigslist, social media, newspaper article, news story on tv, car decal, matching donors website, and more. I just want someone to help me. I haven’t given up despite my failure. I’m o positive but also looking for maybe someone willing to try the pair kidney exchange. I’m currently listed at Tampa General hospital. My mom gave me one of her kidneys in 2002. It lasted only 9 and a half years. I have gone through so much wish someone cared about me enough to help.


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  • AliEm14Transplant Patient

    @Jtannen1987 first of all I’m so sorry. That’s so frustrating. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things in trying to find a living donor.

    i know the feeling of “if they cared about me then….” And I also know that can be a dangerous game to play. Often it’s so much more complex than that. For whatever reason people didn’t donate, didn’t step up to help, whatever and I had to be ok with that. It’s their body, their choice. I can only be accountable for me.

    if you ever need to vent, we’re always here for you. And hoping you find a match soon! If I didn’t already have impaired organs I’d give you one of mine 😂

    July 16, 2021
  • ChefAmandaTransplant Patient

    @Jtannen1987 As someone who is writing this from in-center dialysis currently… I hear you.

    I’m also waiting for a kidney and to make it even more complicated I need a heart as well. I have not been waiting as long as you I have been waiting for almost 3 years.

    Finding a living donor is a very complicated process and it’s not just blood type as you know. There are a lot of factors. It’s easy to fall into the “people don’t care about you” rabbit hole but like @AliEm14 said that can be dangerous.

    Keep looking… keep fighting..

    I have faith your match is out there. I also offer my ears if you need someone to vent too.

    July 19, 2021
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