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Post Covid booster

KarinTransplant Patient
August 23, 2021 in General

I feel great!! Marginally more tired the night of the injection and a little sore that evening but nothing the next day and now I feel so much more protected then before! Interesting enough, I still had antibodies from the March vaccinations which is unusual for transplant pts - lucky or what is that due to?? Not sure we know yet!


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  • DebTransplant Patient

    That’s great news!! I’m working on getting my booster this week and after not having any side effects from the first 2 I am a bit worried but you gave some peace of mind. Thank you!!

    August 24, 2021
  • Mizzvi19Other

    Received my booster today and hoping my next antibody test is positive. Last two tests were negative after receiving he first two vaccines.

    August 24, 2021
  • A_RayTransplant Patient

    I had an antibody test and my result was <1, so I will be getting the booster. My first rounds were the Moderna vax. Hopefully the third try will do the trick. I had very little side effects from the first two rounds.

    August 30, 2021
  • AliEm14Transplant Patient

    I got my booster on Saturday. After much badgering of the health officials in my province (We're the last province in Canada to approve booster shots for immunocompromised patients) and being sneaky enough to get in quickly (Where i live third doses are prioritized for seniors and long term care homes first. I drove an hour both ways to get an extra dose).

    I definitely had more symptoms than I had with either of my first two doses. The day of my arm was sore and by that night I had a headache. The next day was all the flu like symptoms. I was tired, headache, sore muscles, nausea, I felt a lot of sinus pressure which then caused my ears and throat to hurt. my PTSD is triggered by feeling sick, even when I know why I'm sick, so I really had to fight to keep the anxiety at bay and not spiral into thinking I had Covid and not just a vaccine reaction. Yesterday I felt more or less ok, just pressure and soreness in my sinus' and chest, and then today I woke up feeling totally back to normal. So between 48-72 hours worth of symptoms. I'm really hoping experiencing symptoms means I'm developing antibodies.

    September 7, 2021
  • KarinTransplant Patient

    So happy many of you are getting checked and receiving boosters! Very important we stay careful but w the booster our disease (if we get covid) will be less severe!

    September 9, 2021
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