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Medicare coverage

stwbearTransplant Patient
November 22, 2021 in Kidney

At 65 when Medicare becomes available at retirement how dies it pay? Does it cover transplant medications?

I'm currently working full-time and hope to retire in 3 years at 65. So I'm trying to research my medical costs now for post retirement. Would try and retire now but not sure I'd be able to find insurance coverage, including medications.

Unfortunately my employers insurance is not an option when you leave/retire, nor is our life insurance which is depressing especially after working there 33 years as of current.

Would appreciate suggestions on insurance coverage possibly available now (62) and at 65 when Medicare is available.

Thank you


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  • Piney1147Care Partner

    This is a very complex subject but here are some helpful tips:

    Medicare is a federal program but each state runs their own programs so HealthPlans options can vary from state to state.

    When considering a Medicare Managed Care Plan, ask your doctor which plan are IN Network so you don't have to change your provider.

    Consider cost versus convenience. HMO will require referrals. PPO is more freedom of choice. Along with freedom comes cost.

    Medicare doesn't cover RX so you will need a Medicare RX plan.

    Like I said a complex question... It's good you are starting early.

    Best of luck.


    November 24, 2021
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