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Summer Fitness

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June 13, 2022 in General

Summer is here (at least in the northern hemisphere). It's warmer, school's out, routines are changing.

What are some ways you stay motivated with your health during these months that can sometimes feel dictated by lack of routine? There are days I'd much rather lay by the pool than actually swim in it

One of my favourite things I started was a sticker chart (Yes, I'm a child at heart. I am highly motivated by pretty, shiny things). I try not to limit myself to a certain kind of movement or length of time, but if I move my body at all in a way that feels good that day, I get a sticker. I'm also highly competitive so things like step counters work for me

Accountability buddies also help. My dog is my cutest accountability friend, and knowing the walks are for her (and having another living thing counting on me) has helped on the days when I really don't feel like it. Also roping in my partner, or family and friends makes actually doing it that much easier. Group fitness has been challenging in this current state of the world, but finding a friend or two, or groups outside are great to utilize in the warmer months.

I also try to find movement I enjoy, and keep diversifying. If I do one thing for too long, I get bored (hello ADHD) so I always want to be trying new things. If you have any fun suggestions, drop them below! My current favourite is hiking

Let me know how you move and how you stay motivated!


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  • AliEm14Expert
    Transplant Patient

    Also, I attended this webinar a few weeks ago on rehabilitation post transplant. It was geared towards pediatrics and cardiac transplants, but I found the information on rehabilitation, movement and exercise super interesting.

    I know when I had my transplant, and even now, a lot of the information I was given was geared towards older adult patients, not necessarily pediatric and young adult.

    June 14, 2022
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