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Transplant Meds and Libido

Transplant Patient
September 19, 2022 in General

Has anyone noticed a change in libido post transplant? Obviously a ton of it probably can be attributed to body changes, trauma and just having been through a lot! But as things settle, I'm wondering if the meds we're on are also playing a big role.

Has anyone looked into this? If you've experienced this, did you have conversations with your partner(s) about this?

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  • BrucePTransplant Patient

    I have noticed a change in libido and my doctor prescribed something for it. For awhile it worked. But not any more. Now I need to go back and see if there is anything else that might work better.

    September 19, 2022
  • SaliaTransplant Patient

    Yes it did. First 6 months I didn’t even wanted to hear about sex. Probably because my depression also.

    Now it’s still hard to get in the mood or if I’m into it I lose interest because of small things.

    I had a lot of discussion with my partner but it was a lot of frustration around it. Sometimes still is

    September 20, 2022
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