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Has anyone seen Ava's Ted Talk?

ShelbycreatesTransplant Patient
December 1, 2022 in General

Have you seen this Ted talk from Ava? She's a heart transplant recipient and so incredible!

Ava is incredible and has created a nonprofit for providing housing for transplant patients and their caregivers so they can get a transplant. If someone cannot afford 3 months of housing after a transplant by their transplant center, they are turned away from even getting put on the list. This is a tragedy. And it, of course, negatively impacts those who are the most vulnerable and discriminated against the most.

I love how in the Ted talk, Ava decides to give her life to this mission. As a transplant recipient, I'm so glad she is giving a voice to this issue. And I think that as a transplant community, it's time to stand up and let our voices be heard that housing is a vital extension of medical care and should be a requirement to provide for those who financially qualify for it.

How much money you have should not impact whether or not you get your life saved. This is a true tragedy. Let's let our voices be heard in government and in the medical community.

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  • I haven't watched it but wow! I hate when money gets in the way of things it should never be involved in. Saving a persons life is way Way WAY more important than housing. We have the Ronald McDonald house for those going through hard times while a family member is recieving extended care in hospitals.

    Seems like we should have the housing and perhaps food figured out for those who need it after transplant too.

    December 5, 2022
  • ShelbycreatesTransplant Patient

    I completely agree! I talked to a woman with end stage renal disease a few months ago. She was potentially being forced out her rental because the rent had gone up so much and she was disabled. Because of this (and other situations), she wasn't able to accept a kidney when one became available. Economic status should have nothing to do with the level of care people get, but it does. And it's so important to know so that we can start to advocate for change.

    December 5, 2022
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