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Sicknesses and School/Work

December 19, 2022 in General

Hey peeps!

This last week I recieved a letter in the mail about my Transplanted kiddo being truant. In our state of Ohio you are allowed 10 absenses called in by the parents, all other notes have to have a doctors not. I didn't have to deal with this during COVID but we've moved to a new state and things run a little different here.

Here is where we sit. #Toughtinytim has missed 12 days of school. Most of them were from headaches/migranes where he sleeps and throws up, a fever, stomach ache or simply malaise. But not sick enough to always take him to the doctor. Sometimes we do take him in because it gets the the point where I question calling his liver team. I will note, he is not missing school because others in the classroom are sick.

What do you do to protect your kiddo/you from the consequences of truancy? Or how do you go about protecting your job?

Where we are at: After talking to his teacher who has some experience on the parent and teacher side of a kid with frequent sicknesses she mentioned obtaining a 504. Anyone do this? She also said to protect her job when said kid is sick she has FMLA. Anyone have knowledge of these things and the benefits of obtaining and using them?

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  • AliEm14Expert
    Transplant Patient

    I'm in Canada so things operate differently here, but many transplant parents I know here have worked with the school boards to create a plan (I assume it would be similar to a 504) that they have in place for kids with any kind of special needs or accomodations, and it covers absenses. When I was growing up, my mom homeschooled me for this reason (I wasn't transplanted yet, but too many sick days)

    I really hope you get things figured out, for you and your son

    December 20, 2022
  • ShelbycreatesTransplant Patient

    I'm so sorry you're going through this @authenticallyapril I think you're headed in the right direction with the 504 plan! I also find that the first year after moving somewhere, my kids were always the sickest. Here's hoping your fam gets to stay put for a while and hopefully he starts feeling better his second year into living here. But I think the extra hassle of having documentation from your pediatrician is definitely going to be the way to go.

    December 20, 2022
  • @Shelbycreates yes! The first year moving somewhere is the worst. But we don't have a very good track record for the year prior either. Could be that it was Covid and then straight to kindergarten for him.

    December 25, 2022
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