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Paired Kidney Exchange

fern22Transplant Patient
Updated January 26, 2023 in Kidney

My potential donor wasnt a match for me but he still wants to donate. I just got news that im officially on the national kidney registry for a paired kidney exchange program. The person who was trying to be my donor, is donating to a stranger on Feb 16th. My nurses at my dialysis clinic said it is common for the recipient (which would be me in this case) to get a call about 2-3 months after their "potential donor" donated to the stranger.

Has anyone been part of an exchange? How long did it take to close the chain link and get the call? Im getting so nervous but also excited. Obviously im so so ready for transplant.


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  • I am so glad those chains exist. I don't have any reliable information on the timeline of everything coming full circle for you, but I hope it is sooner then later.

    Keep us posted!

    January 26, 2023
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