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Envarsus/Tacro Alternatives

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March 13, 2023 in General

Hi everyone. I've had my kidney transplant for 4 1/2 years now. My creatinine has slowly been creeping up (so has my tacro levels). Last week my creatinine was 2.07 and tacro was above 8 (not too high), so they dropped my dosage by 1mg (I'm on envarsus) and my creatinine is finally dropping! It was 1.9 and tacro was around 3. I know they're going to make me increase my tacro, but then my creatinine will begin to rise too.

I'm only on envarsus and prednisone, so my question is, are there any alternatives? It really seems like there are not and I'm so confused by this!

I'm with @Karin in her latest "angry voice" discussion. There need to be more alternatives.

Anyone have experience with the same thing that I'm going through? What did you do? Thanks friends!

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