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How do you take care of you?

Piney1147Care Partner
September 11, 2021 in Care Partner

I am a Care Partner and love my role and responsibility. Taking care of my daughter is my privilege and honor but I think I am lacking in taking care of me.

I was wondering if my fellow Care Partners could share how they take care of themselves.

Sharing is caring.


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  • AliEm14Transplant Patient

    I love this, Sonia! I've been both the patient and the care partner, and for me one of the big things is realizing self care isn't all feel good things. Sometimes its saying no, or holding boundaries so I can fill my own energy tank. Sometimes it's making sure I eat healthy foods, or get fresh air because I know i need it. I'm a huge believer in cancelling plans, and taking breaks. I come first, my people come second, that's it. No one else gets access to me. Self care looks a lot like the things I don't do more than the things I do. I do love a good bubble bath though

    September 15, 2021
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