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New Podcasts feat. Ambassadors Denise Redeker & Alisha Emerald

brookegurradTransplant Patient
March 29, 2022 in General

Hey transplant fam!

The Bonus Years podcast has new episodes. Check them out!


Denise Redeker, Heart Transplant Recipient & Founder of The Heartfelt Help Foundation

s02 e21 | how having a baby gave her a new heart

s02 e22 | the heartfelt help foundation


Alisha Emerald, Liver Transplant Recipient and Transplant Lyfe Community Manager

s02 e23 | glycogen storage disease & liver failure

s02 e24 | liver transplant & recovery

You can download The Bonus Years on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more.

Hope you find solidarity and support when you listen!

@AliEm14 @Denise_R

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